Trying on our new men’s and women’s Snickers Workwear

by Mars

We have been wearing “normal” high street clothes to do our DIY, gardening and reno jobs in. I’ve been through multiple T-shirts and Kirsten ripped through a pair of jeans, so we decided it was time to get some high quality, sustainable Snickers Workwear.

In this video, I try on men’s summer and winter work trousers, an organic cotton T-shirt and Polartec fleece jacket. Kirsten tries on a black T-shirt along with women’s workwear trousers.

Snickers Workwear for women worn by Kirsten*

  • Women’s Stretch Trousers Holster Pockets (6247)
  • Organic Cotton Woman T-Shirt (2517)

Snickers Workwear for men worn by Mars*

  • Vision Work Trousers + Holster Pockets (6270)
  • Lite Work 37.5 Trousers Holster Pockets (6207)
  • All-round Work Polartec Fleece Jacket (8027)
  • Organic Cotton T-Short (2526)
Snickers Workwear

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[…] are wearing clothing provided by Snickers Workwear in this […]


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