Smoking Weeds: Gas Weed Burner Review

by Mars

While a gravel driveway has its benefits, one of its biggest drawbacks is that weeds and grass take hold very quickly and easily, and can be hard work to remove. Due to the amount of wildlife around us, we haven’t resorted to chemical weed killers and have always maintained it by hand. This week we tried something new to keep the weeds under control – check out our Go System gas weed burner review.

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5 months ago

[…] We’ve got a sweeping gravel driveway leading up to the house, which looks great and that doesn’t flood with heavy Welsh downpours, but it’s a nightmare to keep it weed-free. Last summer, it was a mixture of weeding by hand, assisted with Draper’s electric weed burner and Go System’s gas equivalent. […]

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