Shredder head-to-head: Webb versus The Handy

by Mars
Shredder Head to Head Review

If you have a garden with a lot of branches and garden waste, one of the most underrated tools is undoubtedly the shredder. Last year we used garden shredders for the first time and they were a game changer in helping us dispose of piles and piles of branches, so we were very excited to put the Webb WEESS silent electric garden shredder and The Handy electric impact shredder to work.

We have a lot of fast growing poplars around the pond and on the boundary that we like to keep under control, so we have a lot of branches to get rid of at this time of year. Last year, we used the shredded waste to mulch our trees and flowers beds – this year, we’ve used them to resurface the pathways in our vegetable garden.

Watch our review to find out which shredder came out tops and which one we recommend.

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