Shredded not jammed

by Mars

It doesn’t matter how careful you are. At some stage your garden shredder will block up, whether it’s a twig or branch that has gone in at a funny angle or general build up of garden waste that is preventing the motor from turning. Some shredders have a reverse option to turn the blades in the opposite direction, but the Stihl GHE 105 and Stihl GHE 150 do not have this function. In this very short video, we show you to remove the chute cover so that you can get access to the blade. This will allow you to remove any obstructions or check up on your blades.

In our case, when using the Stihl GHE 150, we had a twig that blocked the blade from turning. Once the chute cover was off, it was easy to dislodge it – remember to wear gloves because the blades are extremely sharp.

We were using the Stihl GHE 105 to mulch leaves, and they compacted on the blade preventing it from turning.

It is, however, quick and easy to clean and unblock these shredders. Watch the quick video below to see how you can remove the chute covers and get access to the blade.

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