Shaping our Boxwoods using the Bosch Isio

by Kirsten

We trim and shape our Boxwood (Buxus) shrubs and try out our new Bosch Isio cordless shrub and grass shear set.

Twice a year, when they start to look really wooly, we trim our Boxwoods at the front of the house and reshape them into big balls. To this point, we’ve used our old shears which are blunt, well-worn and a bit rusty, so it was a real treat to use this very speedy gadget which made the whole experience faster, more efficient and a lot more comfortable on the wrists.

We were really pleased with the Bosch Isio and how easy it was to use and we’ll certainly be using it on other jobs around the property.

Bosch Isio specifications

Battery type
Battery voltage 3.6V
Works with battery capacity1.5 Ah
No-load runtime50 minutes
Battery charge time3 hours
Blade length12 cm (shrub)
Blade width8 cm (grass)
Tooth spacing8 mm
Weight550 g

Some interesting facts about Boxwoods

Boxwoods are large, slow-growing, acid loving evergreens or small trees with multiple stems that are used for hedgerows and topiary figures. There are over 150 varieties of Boxwoods.

Something we didn’t know is that Boxwoods contain steroidal alkaloids that make the bark, leaves, roots and branches of Buxus shrubs poisonous when ingested. Simply put, don’t eat any part of your Boxwood because symptoms include diarrhea, stomach ache and vomiting. If eaten in larger quantities it can even cause respiratory problems.

These shrubs can also cause contact dermatitis from skin contact with leaf sap, although this is, by all accounts, quite rare.

Skin irritation is usually mild and passes quickly, but for people that have very sensitive skin, planting Buxus plants is not advised because they require regular pruning and can aggravate the skin.

As a closing point, deer won’t eat Boxwood so they’re safe from being munched on in rural settings. Bonus.

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