Roof ridge tiles replaced using dry ridge system

by Mars

We finally got a small break in the unrelenting weather and the roofers came today to replace the roof ridge tiles we lost during Storm Ciara.

Roof ridge tiles

The roof on our house is quite old, which is contrary to the misleading building survey report we received before moving in. As a result, our roof ridge tiles were fixed with a mortar mix, which over the decades had degraded and finally gave in to Ciara’s blustery winds.

Instead of just cementing our old ridge tiles back and hoping for the best, we got the roofers to us a dry ridge system to fix the tiles from the gable end of the house to the chimney.

By all accounts, dry ridges are the way forward when it comes to roofing and we felt it was important to do this because that end of the house gets the brunt of the strong winds and driving rain.

Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like we’re in for two more weeks of testing weather, so we’re hoping our ridge tiles will withstand the cold, windy, snowy weather.

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