Reusable food storage bags

by Mars

While we’ve done our utmost to stop using plastic bags for storage in the kitchen, it’s been difficult to get rid of them completely; until now. Kirsten recently purchased a pack of reusable food storage bags and they could be the next big step for us to stop using single-use plastic altogether.

The pack of 16 reusable bags are extra thick, leakproof, biodegradable and freezer friendly. They’re made from PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) and have a plastic free zip lock.

PEVA contains far less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than conventional plastic, has antimicrobial properties and is chlorine free.

Single-use plastic is horrible for the environment and isn’t sustainable, and I’ve always found sandwich bags particularly wasteful. We cook and prepare our own food every day, so it’s great that we’ve found these high quality reusable food storage bags that we can use over and over again.

From our initial experience, they’re ideal for storing cheese, sliced lemons and vegetables. I do, however, think they’ll stain if you stored something like tomato soup in them.

reusable food storage bags

They’re very easy to clean too. Simply use a washing up sponge with dishwashing liquid to remove any food residue. Rinse with warm water and place them over a mug to air dry.

It’s worth pointing out that they’re not designed to store hot food or liquid, so you have to let sauces or food cool completely before using the pouches. They’re also not suitable for microwaving.

All in all, we really like these reusable food storage bags. No more single-use sandwich and ziplock bags are going to the landfill and our food is kept fresher for longer.

A small success for Plastic Free July.

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