Renewing the Conversation

by Mars
Renewing the Conversation

Earlier this year, we launched Renewable Heating Hub that focuses on all matters pertaining to heat pumps and renewables. We’re very pleased to announce that the Renewable Heating Hub YouTube channel has gone live this week, which features interviews with top industry professionals providing insights, feedback and advice to homeowners and consumers about renewable heating.

Our first guest is Dr. Jan Rosenow, Principal and Director of European Programmes at the Regulatory Assistance Project, where we discuss his background and passion for protecting the environment, his thoughts on renewable heating, the role of hydrogen in heating homes, concerns about rising electricity tariffs, district heating and his personal experiences with an air source heat pump.

Every Monday we will post new interviews with guests such as Graham Hendra, Bob Beattie, Ian Rippin, Jez Climas, Malcolm Farrow, Rob Whitney, Bean Beanland, Laura Bishop and Richard Lowe, and we have many more great guests to come. It’s a stellar cast, and you will be able to learn a lot about renewables.

To support us, please head over to the Renewable Heating Hub YouTube channel and subscribe.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask the experts, please leave a comment below and we’ll ask the most relevant professional and get their insights.

In case you missed it, you can watch episode 1 of Renewing the Conversation with Dr. Jan Rosenow now. Enjoy.

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Mark Crooks
Mark Crooks
2 years ago

I wonder if you could ask your experts if they have any ideas on how you could go about fine tuning an ASHP system to be the most efficient? i.e. how to test and compare whether 45º flow temp is more efficient than 50º for example.

On the face of it that seems like you would simply run at those temps for the same amount of time and compare energy usage but how would you compensate for external temp differences between the two testing periods?

Mark Crooks
Mark Crooks
Reply to  Mars
2 years ago

Great. Thanks. Also whether controlling with flow temp is better than using a compensation curve and how you would determine that?

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