A big announcement: Renewable Heating Hub

by Mars

Since starting My Home Farm, we have consistently grown our audience with people that are curious about sustainable, country living. Our air source heat pump and solar PV array has proven to be a big area of interest, and over the course of 2020 our content has slowly become dominated by renewable heating. In order to give this subject the focus it deserves, we are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our new website: Renewable Heating Hub.

We launched Renewable Heating Hub because consumers wanted answers to renewable heating that My Home Farm could not provide, so we decided to create a dedicated website that focuses exclusively on renewable heating, providing homeowners with a platform to ask questions, share personal experiences, read and write reviews, and seek advice from heating professionals. 

We would like to invite you to visit and join Renewable Heating Hub where you can participate on our forum getting answers and advice to questions about renewable heating and heat pumps, and also sharing your renewable and heating experiences.

If you would like to write a review about anything connected to renewable heating or contribute an article, please send us a message by filling in our contact form.

My Home Farm will continue to publish posts and videos about our air source heat pump and experiences, but we’d like to encourage everyone with an interest in renewable heating to head on over to the new site where we can engage in a more structured manner.

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