Reinventing the air purifier: Briiv review

by Mars
Briiv Air Purifier Review

We really enjoy trying out and reviewing different products, and it’s very seldom that you receive something that’s truly innovative, which has reinvented and revolutionised a segment that has been churning out the same old designs for decades. The Briiv Air Purifier has boldly reinvented the conventional air purifier and is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Most air purifiers on the market are large plastic boxes that filter air through manmade HEPA filters, which are massive contributors to landfills globally. Some manufacturers have tried to address this problem and Daikin’s MC55VB model, for example, has a HEPA filter that needs replacing every 10 years. While that’s a step in the right direction on Daikin’s part, by contrast an impressive 90% of the Briiv Air Purifier is made from natural and renewable materials, and it’s extremely clever how it’s been put together.

The moss not only adds colour, but it’s the first level of filtration, responsible for capturing large particulate matter (PM) like pet dander and dust. The coconut husk layer removes harmful substances from the air, while the carbon filter extracts odours that makes the air smell and feel clean. Watch our Briiv review below – it really is an amazing product.

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In terms of running costs, the Briiv Air Purifier consumes between 3-5 Watts per hour (depending on the fan speed), which makes running it very economical and will not have a significant impact on your electricity bill.

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