Pumpkin three ways

by Mars
Pumpkin three ways

We had a good pumpkin haul last year and we’ve been steadily getting through them. The pumpkins are regularly used in curries, it’s a staple topping for our Saturday homemade pizzas, and our pumpkin ale was also a success. Today, we’re making something new.

The seeds from pumpkins are all too often forgotten about and discarded, and they make such great snacks. After cutting up our pumpkins, I removed, cleaned and roasted our pumpkin seeds, flavouring them with salt, pepper, garlic powder and smoked paprika. They turned out brilliantly, and not only are they a delicious snack, they’re healthy too because pumpkin seeds are a great source of fibre, zinc, iron, magnesium and potassium. Winner.

Next up was the pumpkin soup – we’ve made pumpkin soup many times before and it can sometimes be a bit bland so we zhuzhed our soup up with some smoked bacon and fresh arctic rosemary from the herb garden, which made a massive difference. Best pumpkin soup to date.

Last up, was our first attempt at pumpkin pie. We made our own shortcrust pastry and the filling included 1kg of pumpkin (boiled and mashed), oat milk, melted butter, eggs, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s a clean tasting , light pie and works beautifully with a cup of tea in the afternoon. We’ll definitely be making this again.

Please share your favorite ideas and ways that you cook with pumpkins by leaving a comment below.


Eddy Winko 9 January 2022 - 07:04

You should try some Styrian pumpkins next year, the seeds are huskless and the oil from them is outstanding. It is always on our shopping list when we travel down to Austria.

Mars 9 January 2022 - 08:11

Thanks Eddy. I’ll see if our seed supplier sells Styrian pumpkins.

Nigel 10 January 2022 - 09:26

I’ve never tried pumpkin on pizza! What do you add to your guys? Never heard of artic (or arctic?) rosemary either?

Mars 10 January 2022 - 09:39

Thanks for spotting the arctic typo. It’s a soft (not very woody) rosemary which makes it great for blending and adding to gravies.

Pumpkin on a pizza is amazing and it cooks beautifully in a blazing hot oven.

Topping wise it’s always chestnut mushrooms, onions, pepper and olives – mozzarella for me, feta for Kirsten. And then whatever else we have like pumpkin or courgette. Another favorite of mine is haggis on the pizza.

Here’s the stuffed crust pizza we have everyday Saturday: https://myhomefarm.co.uk/stuffed-crust-pizza-recipe


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