Pruning and feeding our buxus balls

by Mars

Twice a year we try to prune and shape our buxus balls. This year, we’re trying a variety of new products from specialist plant feeds to Stiga’s handheld SGM 72 AE multitool.

First up, we tackled the buxus balls in the back garden. We shaped them with the Stiga handheld trimmer (full review coming soon) and when we were done we gave them a shot of Westland’s buxus ball 2-in-1 feed that helps strengthen the plant from within.

We then turned our attention to the buxus balls in the front garden. We’ve been told these plants are over 50 years old, and we’re amazed that they continue to look so healthy and vibrant given that they’ve essentially been planted into bricked paving.

Once again, Kirsten shaped the balls using the Stiga multitool and we gave these plants a generous helping of Vitax buxus feed fertiliser to give them some much needed nutrition.

Both sets of buxus balls have responded positively to their pampering sessions and this should now see them through to next spring.

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