Our first veg patch – part four – protective boxes and heavy duty trellises

by Mars

Our veg patch project continues to forge on steadily. In this instalment we build our heavy duty trellises for runner vegetables along with protective boxes for our raised beds.

We decided to make some protective boxes for our delicate vegetables such as lettuce and carrots that are susceptible to slugs, snails and flies. We made some sturdy box frames and covered them with a product called Ultra fine Veggiemesh.

We also built some heavy duty trellises for runner beans, with the intention of training cucumbers to grow vertically this year. Next year, if the cucumbers are a success, we will also grow our courgettes vertically, so we want a sturdy structure to support the weight.

Products featured in the video*

Ultra fine Veggiemesh, from Gardening Naturally, claims it will keep out a wide range of garden pests including cabbage root fly, carrot fly, cabbage white butterfly, pea moth, leek moth, cutworm, onion fly, leaf miners and many species of aphids. It also offers protection from flea beetle and whitefly damage.

These are the TIMco screws we used to make the box frames. We’ve purchased multiple sizes from this reliable seller and they all get delivered really quickly by Royal Mail, first class post.

It took us a while to find a decent jute netting for our heavy duty trellises in the size we wanted. This is the link to the jute netting featured in the video. This is also an eBay seller that we recommend, as it’s a high quality product and they were efficient in dispatching it to us.

* None of these products were sponsored. We paid for all these products using our own money.

heavy duty trellises


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Sheri Gordon 29 October 2021 - 19:05

What size wood did you use for the frame of the protective covers. Would it be strong enough to keep a dog from breaking through if I covered it with chicken wire?

Mars 1 November 2021 - 15:30

If memory serves me correctly Sheri, we used 2×1″ wood. And yes, it would be more than strong enough with chicken wire to keep a dog out.


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