Protecting our plants from vine weevils

by Mars

This is the first year that we’ve seen damage from vine weevils in our back garden and we lost four heucheras. Because we grow quite a lot of other plants that vine weevils and their grubs have a tendency of destroying, we’ve taken action to get their numbers down by using a vine weevil nematode.

Nematodes are microscopic organisms that live in soil and you simply water them into your soil, and are an effective, natural way to control pest populations that are compatible with organic gardening. You can, of course, pick off adult weevils in the summer if you see them, but one adult can lay thousands of eggs and the grubs eat through roots during the autumn which is what causes lasting damage to the plants

The vine weevil nematode is available in two packs: one to treat 12sqm and one that treats 100sqm. When using this nematode solution, try and apply it as close to the base of the plant as possible so that it gets down to the roots where the larvae and pupae are.

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