Pressure washing the front patio

by Mars

It was a day of tidying up, washing and planting in the front of the house today. While Kirsten got our remaining plants and bulbs into pots, I got the Kärcher pressure washer out to blast the slippery algae and moss off the bricks in our front patio area.

The trick when using the pressure washer on this paved area is to jet the algae off the bricks and not focus the pressurized water stream on the mortar/cement because it can loosen it and make holes which just allows for other things to seed and take hold.

By getting the algae off the bricks, we removed the bulk of the slippery danger, leaving the area feeling a lot cleaner. It’s a quick, messy job that we do a couple of times per year to maintain the patio area. We will probably do it again in late autumn.


Kärcher pressure washer in action


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