Quantity & Quality: Smart Pet Feeder

by Mars
Petsafe Smart Pet Feeder

We’ve had simple, automated feeders for both Olive and Leopold for some time, but the problem with them is that they dispense food at exactly the same time every day, and Olive often helps herself to double portions when Leopold’s outside.

In order to help control Olive’s insatiable appetite, we’ve been using Petsafe’s smart cat and dog feeder for a few months and we’ve been incredibly impressed with how well designed this feeder is.

The feeder connects to your WiFi and you can control it with Petsafe’s excellent app to create schedules and monitor how much food has been dispensed. It’s also got an excellent ‘slow feed’ feature that dispenses meals in small amounts over 15 minutes which has been successful in preventing Olive from wolfing down her portions in one sitting and we’re now able to keep her weight in check.

The feeder holds a generous 24 cups of food and dispenses most shapes and sizes of biscuits. Olive’s kibble diet is predominantly Aardvark (a sustainable, insect-based biscuit) and this feeder dispenses these biscuits perfectly without jamming.

If you’re looking for a smart feeder for your cat or small-medium sized dog, we’d recommend you check this one out.

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