Painting our house warmer

by Mars
Emperor Paints Masonry Creme

We have put a lot of time and effort into insulating our property to lock in as much heat as we can over the winter months. In an ongoing quest to keep our property as warm and efficient as possible, we recently painted the exterior of our Victorian farmhouse with a waterproof masonry cream from Emperor Paints that creates a hydrophobic shield on the brickwork that essentially repels water.

By repelling the water, the cream is designed to keep damp and moisture out of the house, minimise frost damage to bricks and Emperor Paints also claim that it keeps masonry up to 6C warmer.

We’ll update you on whether our house feels warmer this coming winter, but we’re excited about the prospect of this product potentially lowering our energy bills this coming heating season as the energy crisis continues to put financial pressure on households across the UK.

To shop and find out more about Emperor Paint’s masonry cream and other products, please visit their website.

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