50 electric onions planted

We eat a lot of vegetables, and since we’ve moved to the countryside we have been experimenting with what we can successfully grow ourselves. Over the summer, we grew Isobel onions from seed, and they were extremely flavoursome and a big success. We purchased a bag of Taylor’s Electric onions (a winter onion) from our local garden centre to get an early harvest next year.

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My vintage green gardening Hunter wellies

I’ve received a couple of questions about the wellington boots (wellies) I have worn in some of my YouTube video. I’ll be honest – I wasn’t fully onboard when my wife said she was ordering me a new pair of gardening Hunter wellies. I felt that the price tag for the wellington boots was a tad high. Two years later, it’s one of the best purchases she’s made – or was it?

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Air Source Heat Pump: when temperatures start to drop

My personal threshold for when ambient outdoor temperatures start to go cold is 11C. Over the course of its first six months our air source heat pump has not had to work very hard. As we hit October, the average temperature has dropped to around 11C and it’s a good time to evaluate how the pump is performing.

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