Ours cats upgrade to a sustainable bed & toys

by Mars

Our cats have no shortage of cosy places to sleep, but we were intrigued to try out a sustainable cat house from Honismart that is made from paper and comes with a small felt cushion, which is a refreshing change from plastic pet products.

Our cats love to curl up in warm, comfortable spots so we were curious to see whether they would be interested in an open plan, paper cat house. Olive, our chunky British Shorthair, was a tad too large for the cat house, and Leopold only just fits into it.

It was quite interesting to see the cats’ behaviour and interaction with the cat house because we moved it around the house from the living room to the garden room and neither cat was really interested in lying in it. It was only when we moved it to our bedroom that Leopold took ownership of it. When he overheats from lying on our bed in the evenings, he goes to the house to cool down.

As a concept, the cat house is really clever and well designed, but we just wish it was a bit larger so that the cats could actually stretch out and sleep in it. What’s also really handy about this cat house is that it flat-packs and is easy to store.

Sustainable cat toys

Earlier this year, Kirsten purchased some cat toys that were made from wool and they’ve been a smash hit with the cats. They continue to regularly play with these toys and Leopold in particular drags them around the house from room to room.

Since wool is a natural and biodegradable material, it is a more eco-friendly option than synthetic materials like plastic. Wool is also a durable and long-lasting material and the toys have been remarkably durable. Wool is also soft and gentle so it’s a safe option for playtime, and it’s comforting to know they can’t swallow anything toxic like plastic or glitter.

Sustainable wool cat toys are often handmade by artisans, supporting local communities and promoting fair trade practices, and the toys we purchased were from self-employed individuals on Etsy who handcrafted each of the toys with pure natural wool and non-toxic dyes – so much better than buying mass-produced, plastic toys that are often made with toxic chemicals and that will end up in landfill one-day.

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