Our first fox sighting

by Mars

It was an eventful start to the day with not one, but two foxes running around the front garden. We’ve heard the foxes at night, but have never seen them. It had just started to snow and it was the first time we have seen foxes in our garden – they came right up to the windows of the house.

It was around mid-morning when we spotted them, so they must have been really hungry to be out and about at that time. The two of them were hunting together all around the front garden, vegetable garden and pond. Bizarrely, they didn’t seem at all interested in hunting any of the moorhens, pheasants or garden birds. As you can see in the video, the pheasants look rather confused and perplexed by the whole event.

We were also really surprised by how big and fast they were, and filming them (especially zoomed in) was really, really difficult. Nevertheless, we put together this short video.

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