Our cats’ hydration stations

by Mars

We’ve always ensured that our pets are well hydrated by positioning water bowls around the house. Leopold loves moving and running water and when he’s patrolling and exploring the field, he will drink from the pond, stream or from some of the water stations that we’ve left dotted around the property for wildlife.

When the cats are indoors, especially during the summer, it’s important that they have access to clean, fresh water. PetSafe sent us two of their ceramic pet fountains to try out, the Streamside Ceramic Pet Fountain and the Ceramic Avalon Fountain.

The two water fountains look similar and hold a similar amount of water, but the biggest difference is that the Streamside is silent, while the Avalon has the sound of running water, and the free-falling stream adds more oxygen for freshness.

We were also sent a Dancing Dot laser cat toy, which has turned out to be a big success.

Watch our YouTube review below where we discuss the cat fountains and laser toy.

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