It’s crunch time. Olive & Leopold try sustainable insect biscuits from Aardvark

by Mars

We have two cats: Olive (a female British Shorthair) and Leopold (a male domestic shorthair). Olive is a bit of dustbin and also has a sensitive tummy, while Leopold is extremely fussy when it comes to food, so it’s always a balancing act to find food that addresses both their requirements.

When we heard about a new sustainable grain-free kibble made from sustainable insect meal made by a company called Aardvark, we simply had to try it.

The insect protein in these kibbles comes from black soldier fly larvae, and it’s great to see a pet food company taking sustainability seriously and coming up with a food source that’s good for the planet and healthy for our pets. They also have a range for dogs.

Check out our YouTube review of the Aardvark cat biscuits. Spoiler alert: Olive and Leopold love their new biscuits.

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1 year ago

[…] of food and dispenses most shapes and sizes of biscuits. Olive’s kibble diet is predominantly Aardvark (a sustainable, insect-based biscuit) and this feeder dispenses these biscuits perfectly without […]

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