Olive gets her first close-up pheasant sighting

by Mars

We have two cats. Leopold our male rescue, and Olive, our 10 month old female British Short Hair. Leopold loves spending time outside; Olive by stark contrast is not a fan of the outdoors. So it was quite amusing when a male pheasant got uncharacteristically close to the house.

Leopold, who ventures far and wide, occasionally chases the odd pheasant and squirrel, and has adapted to country living. He loves it, and has crossed paths with all manner of creatures; even sheep.

Olive, however, is not interested in the outside world, but this male pheasant definitely caught her attention and intrigued her. The pheasant was far less interested in our cats, and just kept moving along before heading back to his harem of 10+ females.



Olive - British Short Hair
Olive far prefers watching the world from the comfort of her mohair blanket
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