New batch of ducklings

by Mars

Our mallard couple returned to our pond again this spring to have their new batch of ducklings.

Last year, they had 13. This year’s flock of little ones tallies 12.

They are so small, fluffy, tiny and adorable. But they also grow and learn so quickly. It feels like a privilege to be able to witness the parents raise and teach their little ones.

new batch of ducklings

And they are very good, attentive parents getting the ducklings to respond and corral together in the event of any danger. It’s also amazing to watch the ducklings learn from each other. When one learns to dive, they all try. When one runs on water to catch a mosquito, they all do. And it’s amazing how quickly they learn and master new skills.

In a bid to give them some protection this year, we built a duck house that should provide them with some shelter and which we’ve placed in an inaccessible spot. Hopefully, they’ll figure out it’s a potential safe haven.

My wife even decorated the interior with dry bulrush leaves, the same leaves they nest in on the opposite side of the pond. Hopefully it’ll encourage them to move in.

They’ll probably be around for a few more weeks, and then they’ll be gone as soon as they learn how to fly, and the cycle will start again next April with a new batch of ducklings.

An excellent mum
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