Netatmo Weather Station Review: unboxing and setting up

by Mars

Being on the path to sustainability with renewable heating, solar PV and our new veg patch, the weather has never been more important to us, so we’re very excited to feature this Netatmo weather station review.

As the weather becomes increasingly unpredictable, we would like to have the tools and knowledge to help us forecast and predict what it will be bring from day to day. Will it be sunny so that we can do electricity intensive tasks utilizing our solar PV array? Is there a likelihood of rain to assist us in our decision on where to water our veg patch or not? Will there be a risk of frost so that we can protect young plants?

These are all important questions for us, and TV and internet forecasts are not always accurate due to our remote location. We hope that the Netatmo home weather station is going to allow us to better understand our local weather so that we can make accurate forecasts.

We encountered some connectivity issues that users may find helpful and which we hope will let you better understand how to plan and position your outdoor modules if you’re considering getting this weather station. We should point out that we’ve looked at Netatmo’s forums, and people didn’t generally have connectivity issues, so maybe this is something specific to our walls and property, and we’ve gone into a fair amount of detail in the video to explain the issues we faced.

netatmo weather station review

If you’re interested in this product and want to find out more, please visit the official Netatmo website where you can also purchase the home weather station and other modules featured in our video.

In terms of full disclosure, this product was gifted to us by Netatmo, and we did not pay for it. In keeping with our values, the review is objective and honest, and based fully on our experiences.

iPhone screenshots

iPad screenshots

Mac browser screenshots (Safari)

Netatmo weather station review

We hope you found this Netatmo weather station review helpful. Please leave a comment with your thoughts or questions.


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Ian 14 December 2021 - 12:34

What’s the battery life for the main units?

Mars 14 December 2021 - 14:09

Hi Ian. We’re probably getting around 18 months of battery life which is about six months less than the published battery life. The main unit it plugged in, so it’s on mains. The external unit, rain gauge and anemometer are the battery operated units, and if placed in an easy to access spot, the batteries are easy to change.


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