Natural slug control

by Mars

Given our rural location, we are constantly battling slugs in the vegetable and flower garden. Regular followers and readers will know that we try to garden as organically and naturally as possible, and avoid using chemicals or harsh pesticides. In the first year that we had our vegetable garden, our lettuce, carrots, cauliflowers, potatoes and other vegetables were decimated by slugs, and nothing we did slowed them down or deterred them.

We tried a lot of different things with limited results, and then we came across Nemaslug, a biological, natural way to control slugs. We used Nemaslug last year and it was an amazing success โ€“ none of our vegetables were affected. This year we’re going to be using Nemaslug again and we’ve just applied our first treatment.

What we really like about Nemaslug is that it gives you a great level of control in how you deal with slugs. Slugs play an important role in nature and our objective is to only stop them from consuming our vegetables and certain plants like hostas and dahlias (more on our plant protection in a few week’s time).

In our vegetable garden, we have eight raised beds, and apply Nemaslug to those beds only which prevents slugs from taking hold where we grow our lettuce and other vegetables. Less than two metres from our raised beds, we have our organic compost heap, and it’s filled with slugs and they play their role in breaking down our green waste.

Nemaslug is also safe to use on food crops, it’s environmentally-friendly, and won’t harm pets, bees, birds or insects, and for it’s an ideal natural slug control.

If you struggle with slugs and are looking for an effective, natural treatment, we’d strongly recommend trying Nemaslug.

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