My vintage green gardening Hunter wellies

by Mars
hunter gardening wellies

I’ve received a couple of questions about the wellington boots (wellies) I have worn in some of my YouTube video. I’ll be honest – I wasn’t fully onboard when my wife said she was ordering me a new pair of gardening Hunter wellies. I felt that the price tag for the wellington boots was a tad high. Two years later, it’s one of the best purchases she’s made – or was it?

EDIT: January 27, 2020. I have left this review unchanged, but something has happened to my gardening Hunter wellies that has led me to completely lose faith in this brand – please scroll to the bottom of this post for a full update.

There are a lot of things that I really love about them.

For starters, they have a wide opening at the top which makes slipping them on and off extremely easy. I hate tight wellies that you have to fight to get on and off. They are equally roomy when you put on a thick sock when temperatures start to drop.

They also have a reinforced support under the bridge of your foot (Hunter refer to this as the dig pad), which, as the name suggests, is amazing when it comes to digging holes with a spade or when you need to drive something down with your foot. I also find that the heel of the boot is very robust and gives you a solid footing.

The dig pad is great for digging holes

The sole design is also very good. I’ve recently been putting raised beds for garlic in our field which has been wet and muddy, and the traction from the sole on the slippery surface has been fantastic.

They are amazingly comfortable and the comfort (softness) has not deteriorated over time.

The durability and robustness of the boot has impressed me immensely – I use these wellies throughout the year to dig holes, mow the lawn, chainsaw firewood, strim the wild field and do all our gardening. The adhesive has not separated or parted anywhere and they are still in incredibly good condition.

To illustrate the durability point, I purchased a pair of Briers garden clogs for the summer to slip on when it was hot. They were cheap, but there’s a huge element of false economy because they didn’t even last six months. Extremely poor quality with no durability.

Holes have emerged in the Briers after just a few months.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a high quality, robust, well designed wellie for gardening, this boot from Hunter is strongly recommended.

Retraction and update on gardening Hunter wellies (January 27, 2020)

Further to my glowing review above, the rubber on the side of my right wellie has come away from the edge of the sole, leading to water making its way into the boot when you’re outside.

gardening Hunter wellies

I contacted Hunter and they informed me that the boot warranty is only two years – my boot is two years and four months old, so my warranty does not apply.

They are not willing to offer any assistance and have completely washed their hands off us as customers; customers that have purchased multiple pairs of boots and wellies from them.

I am extremely disappointed, and regrettably they’re dead to me as a brand. I was mistakenly under the impression that Hunter was a premium brand with a premium product, which is why they charge a premium price for their boots. This is sadly not true.

This appears to be a premium brand with premium price tags, producing products that are above average in quality. It’s just good marketing.

Purchasing these gardening Hunter wellies was a waste of money. Please be warned – they’re not as durable or robust as you might think.

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