Music to our ears: Sennheiser earbuds

by Mars
Sennheiser True Wireless Earbud Review

We recently joined Sennheiser’s ambassador programme, and we received the CX Plus and Sports True Wireless earbuds to try out.

The Sport True Wireless earbuds are a solid choice for anyone looking for earbuds to use during exercise or other physical activities, while the CX Plus are intended for more casual usage. Both are sleek in design and provide high-quality audio without sacrificing functionality or durability.

In terms of audio quality, both True Wireless Earbuds deliver crisp, clear sound with a good amount of bass. They also offer a range of EQ settings that can be adjusted through the smart phone app that allows you to customise your listening experience to your liking.

While the CX Plus and Sport do not offer the bells and whistles of other wireless earbuds on the market, they provide excellent audio quality and reliable performance for an excellent price point. Both headphones go on sale regularly, and you can buy the CX Plus and Sports earbuds on Amazon.

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