Make your own anti-viral cleaning solution and disinfectant

by Mars

If you’re worried about Covid-19 and other viral threats, and shops are out of antibacterial hand wash, you can make your own anti-viral cleaning solution.

Go online and purchase a bottle of isopropyl alcohol – there’s still plenty of stock around at time of writing, even though prices have shot up recently as a result of the Corona virus.

Mix 70% isopropyl alcohol with 30% water. The water allows the isopropyl alcohol to transpose the viral proteins, and it slows down the evaporation rate allowing the solution to stay on surfaces long enough to kill all the things you want to.

To apply, wet a bit of kitchen roll to make your own wipes. It is effective as a hand disinfectant mix too, but it will probably cause drying of the skin. If you want to use it as a hand sanitizer you can mix the isopropyl alcohol with aloe vera gel.

When you go out, put some mixture in a small bottle with some kitchen roll or tissues in your pocket and you can wipe down supermarket trolley handles before touching them. You can do the same for door handles and any other things you need to touch that the general public can also handle.

At home, we’ve put our solution into an atomizer bottle which we use to spray surfaces, including the post box and doorbell outside. Think about the areas in your home that are affected by visitors (neighbours, courier delivery guys, etc.) and disinfect them regularly.

If everyone did this, not only would we greatly stop the spread of viruses like Covid-19, but also other illnesses like the flu.

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