Magnetising water to boost our seedling growth with Plantsurge

by Mars

Last year, towards the end of our gardening season we received an innovative product called Plantsurge which is essentially a group of magnets that connect to your hosepipe that magnetises your water. I did a lot of research and reading at the time, and magnetising water is a cheap and simple way to improve the state of water so that plants can absorb it better.

The terrific team at Plantsurge reached out to us again this year and sent us their new model which is partly made from recycled ocean plastic, and we’re super excited to try it out this season in our flower and vegetable garden.

If you’re interested and want to give Plantsurge a try, you can buy it directly from Plantsurge. Don’t forget to use this discount code at checkout to get a 10% off your purchase: MYHOMEFARM

So I mentioned how magnets restructure water molecules to help plants absorb water better, but the process also helps improve nutrient mobility in soil and enhances extraction and uptake of potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and iron leading to healthier plants. Essentially, magnetically treated water increases the efficiency of fertilisers that are added to plants and vegetables, and gives your plants and vegetables an additional boost.

I have read countless studies on the subject, and it’s also been proven that magnetic water improves seed germination and we’re putting it to the test as we speak. Last week, we seeded all our vegetables, and we’re watering them exclusively with magnetised water from our Plantsurge. We’ll reveal the results in the coming weeks.

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