Let it rain

by Mars
Oak whisky barrel water butt

Living in a rural location in a Victorian farmhouse with a lot of wood and period features around us, we have always wanted a water butt that was in keeping with the aesthetic of our property, so we were excited and intrigued when we were contacted by Celtic Timber to check out their authentic oak whisky barrel that was converted into a water butt.

The 55-gallon (250 litres) oak barrel oozes character and charm, and has integrated into our property as a garden feature that perfectly compliments our log store and new garden shed.

If you’d like to find out more about the whisky barrel we have installed, or to view their other converted oak whisky barrel water butt options, please visit Celtic Timber’s website.

The dimensions of our traditional oak whisky barrel are 1020mm (H), 755mm (belly diameter) and 550mm (end diameter).

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