Learning about spiders

by Mars

We’re learning a lot about many things at the moment. This week, I came across two spiders. They both looked unusual (to me anyway) so I did some research.

I’m not sure if identified them correctly, but that’s part of the learning curve.

Common Cucumber Spider (Araniella cucurbitina)


As the name implies, this is a common spider and is widespread across the west of the UK, which is where we are located.

This spider lives in a wide range of habitats mainly on trees (particularly oak) and hedgerows. We are surrounded by oak trees and hedgerows, so that makes sense.

The size is about 4mm and is apple green with paler whitish sides. I think this definitely our spider.

Ground crab spider (Xysticus cristatus)

I encountered this spider while turning over some turf for our raised beds in the veg patch.

Once again, this species is also very common and widespread across the UK. They like low vegetation and don’t like shade, so our field, which is in full sunlight, is perfect for it.

Trochosa ruricola

Came across another spider today while working the soil in our veg patch. This one is from the Trochosa family, and it is quite common in Britain.

This is a robust spider and it’s a nocturnal species that actively hunts for prey on the ground.


I think this may be a Pachygnatha, possibly Pachygnatha degeeri.

As I encounter more spiders, I’ll add them here.

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