It’s Stihl autumn – we power through gardening jobs

by Mars

For me, autumn is the most beautiful season in the UK. The diverse range of colour is tough to beat, but it’s also the messiest time of the year that requires a lot of cleaning up. Thanks to the guys at Charlies Stores we had a full range of Stihl power tools delivered to us to help us with countless jobs.

We got to unbox and use everything from battery-operated handheld pruners through to electric shredders, and it’s clear that autumn cleaning can be painless and easy if you have the right tools.

In this video, Tyler from Charlies Stores walks us through Stihl’s range of battery-operated and electric tools before Kirsten and I get to use them, and we’ve got most of our bases covered. We unbox and review the Stihl SHE 71 shredder vac, Stihl BJA 57 leaf blower, Stihl GHE 105 and 150 garden shredders, Stihl HSA 56 hedge cutter, Stihl GTA 26 handheld pruner and Stihl HSA 26 handheld gardening shears. Find out which tools were our favourites.

We would like to thank Charlies Stores once again for arranging and getting these tools to us to try.

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