Is this the best smart plug on the market?

by Mars
Best smart plug – Eve Energy

As the journey to transform our Victorian farmhouse into a smart home continues, smart plugs are playing a bigger and varied role. We’ve had the good fortune to try out many different types of smart plugs, and in all honesty it’s hard to beat what the Eve Energy has to offer – to my mind it’s the best smart plug on the market.

What makes the Eve Energy smart plug even more appealing is that the latest version is Thread enabled, which means that we’re building a robust network for our smart home network. The Eve Energy, because it’s plugged in, acts as a ‘booster’ for your Thread network and this now means that our Eve Thermo, Eve Weather and Eve Aqua (review coming soon) have a more reliable means of communicating with the HomePod Mini.

With the escalating price of electricity, the power consumption monitor built into this smart plug gives you insights into which appliances and devices in your home are driving up your bills. You can also input your tariff in the app, and it’ll project how much it’ll cost you per year to run a certain appliance or device. There’s lot to like about the Eve Energy, and that’s why we think it’s the best smart plug around.

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