Incredibly wasteful and unsustainable packaging

by Mars

We’ve just finished gutting our master bathroom and the next step is for us to start putting the wheels in motion in rebuilding it. For our flooring, we want to go with a click system – with that mind, we went online earlier this week and requested some samples from suppliers.

One of the companies we contacted was Luxury Flooring and we requested samples for seven different colours and finishes.

We were astounded when the postman knocked on our door a few days later with seven individual envelopes from the same company, all of which needed to be scanned as proof of delivery.

Each bubble wrap (plastic) envelope contained one sample with a glossy leaflet. There was absolutely no reason why all seven samples (which are small offcuts) could not have been placed in one envelope – this would have meant less plastic, less packaging and less leaflets; less impact on the planet.

Apart from the environmental impact it’s also shocking business practice where the company has paid for seven leaflets and seven envelopes instead of one, not to mention the increased cost of postage.

Their company slogan is “Prepare to be floored” – I certainly was.

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