If this then what next, for our Netatmo home weather station?

by Mars

The Netatmo home weather station is providing us with great weather data, and we’re loving it. What makes this system even cooler is that it has integration with IFTTT (If This Then That).

Some of the IFTTT things we’ve seen are really cool, so let’s start with a simple one first.

To help collate weather data, I’ve set up numerous integrations through IFTTT for our weather station. For example, once a week I receive a summary of the rainfall over the past seven days via email. Even though I can get access to this information via the app, the very simple summary is actually very helpful because it doesn’t distract with all the other data the weather station is collecting.

This is a really simple integration, but where things become really interesting is when you have products that are manufactured by different companies that can now “speak” to each other courtesy of the aptly named If This Then That service.

For example, if you have a Gardena smart watering system (we don’t have any automated watering so we can’t corroborate whether this works) you can set up an integration for the system not to water your garden if you’ve registered a certain amount of rainfall via the Netatmo weather station rain gauge. That’s awesome, because you’re not wasting water or overwatering your plants.

Another really nice example is for those people that have a Bosch Indego mower. You can set it up to return the mower to its dock if it starts raining or if the temperature drops to below 4C, and this is based on your actual weather (not unpredictable forecasts).

It’s only a matter of time before more applications are added to allow different gadgets and products to react and respond to weather and atmospheric conditions reported by the Netatmo weather station. It really is exciting because it takes your personal weather station to a whole new level.

Time to find some new gadgets that can work with our weather station.

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