Husqvarna 520iHT4 Battery Hedge Trimmer Review

by Mars

As our hedges around the smallholding establish and grow bigger, we needed some battery-operated gardening equipment that would allow us to maintain them. This is our Husqvarna 520iHT4 battery hedge trimmer review.

What we’re beginning to really like is that battery-operated equipment is now on par with petrol gardening tools, and this Husqvarna hedge trimmer is no exception. It’s powerful, mobile, sturdy and extremely well-built.

The best part is that this autumn we purchased the battery operated Husqvarna leaf blower and pole saw all of which use the same battery. We’ve only had to purchase one battery, because it interchanges with all three products and because it’s a 4 amp, it’s got enough power to see us through all our tasks. It also only takes an hour to fully recharge.

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