Hozelock multi spray watering gun leaking after just seven months

by Mars

Last year, we purchased an ultra-long Hozelock hose pipe to run down to the vegetable garden along with a Hozelock multi spray watering gun. In addition to this we also purchased two auto reel Hozelock hose pipes for the front and back gardens. The hose pipes have been great, but we can’t say the same thing about the quality of the watering gun. It’s only about seven months old, and when we went to use it this weekend, the gun has split along the front of the handle and is leaking water like crazy. Check out the short video clip.

The thing that irks me is that you are buying branded gardening products that are supposed to be good quality and that you’re supposed to have for a very long time. That’s not been the case. At the end of the day, these items are made from hardened plastic, and the longevity of products like this has to be of paramount importance from an environmental and sustainability perspective. This watering gun will probably not be recycled because of the nature of the plastic it’s made from, and it’s ultimately going to end up in a landfill.

Now we’re faced with the dilemma of what watering gun or lance we should replace this with. Tips, suggestions and recommendations welcome on brands and products for us to consider.

Hozelock multi spray watering gun leaking after just seven months
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