How we control our ASHP

by Mars

When we switched over from an oil boiler to an air source heat pump (ASHP), we had to re-think all our central heating controls from thermostats to TRVs. In this video, we break down how we now control our central heating system and how we call for heat.

We mentioned following items in our video:

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2 years ago

Dear MHF.
So I’ve watched your ASHP heat control video (vid 7). I think I understand what you’ve done. But still not why you have done it.
Remembering I’m still on oil, so haven’t moved to ASHP, but why couldn’t you set your cold rooms on 5 with your TRVs (open). And then lower numbers for the warmer rooms. And then control from the single hall thermostat (say a Nest).
This means heat is called from the ASHP when the hall thermostat is below temperature. It will run quietly heating away. It just seems your solution is complicated.
This is the way our oil boiler currently works. We set the TRVs lower in the dining room. And fully open in the sitting room. I adjust the dining room up. If we are eating in the dining room. I rarely touch the other TRVs. Turn down the guest room if no one is staying.
But your vid has prompted me to ask my ASHP supplier. Thanks

Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith
1 month ago

So how do your Salus smart thermostats for the radiators and the Heatmiser Neostat smart thermostat for the UHF actually interface with the ASHP to control it (on/off when necessary)?

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