How We Built Our First Ever Cold Frame

by Mars

Given how unpredictable the weather has been, we use our studio to safeguard our seedlings and seasonal plants in the spring because we don’t have a greenhouse. So Kirsten suggested that we build a cold frame to our protect our pansies, geraniums and other annuals from frost and winds, while retaining heat.

From a financial perspective it made a lot of sense to undertake this project ourselves because pre-made cold frames are pricey, and we could buy better quality wood and materials for the same amount of money.

We purchased 8″ x 2″ wood for the base and 5x2cm wood for the lid, and the overall dimensions of the cold frame are 200x80cm. We also purchased a pre-cut sheet of 3mm acrylic, and we painted it in the Green Blue Zinsser paint we purchased last year for our garden room so that everything matches. In terms of tools, we used a drill and impact driver (I don’t like using nails) and our Evolution mitre saw to cut the lengths of wood to size.

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