Home Farm 2020 Garlic Awards – our first harvest

by Mars

The bottom few leaves of our garlic turned yellow a couple of weeks ago, so we headed down the field with a wheelbarrow and pitch fork to harvest garlic for the first time, and to dish out the Home Farm 2020 Garlic Awards.

Back in October 2019, which seems like an eternity ago, we planted three varieties of garlic:

  • Thermidrome: 23
  • Dario: 32
  • Germidore: 22

Based on our harvest, we have collected:

  • Thermidrome: 18
  • Dario: 19
  • Germidore: 17
2020 garlic awards

Now that they have been harvested we left them to dry in our open garage for a few weeks.

In the days ahead, we’re going to cut off the leaves, brush off the remaining dirt and store them in a cool, dry, dark place.

We’re hoping that we have enough garlic now to see us through the next six months. Very exciting.

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3 years ago

You can never have too much garlic and it keeps all year!

Reply to  Mars
3 years ago

A year supply? Really, we can keep/store garlic that long? (Sorry, I know nothing about plants)
Sounds great, nevertheless. Cheers!

Reply to  Mars
1 year ago

Then how come the garlic I bring home from the market is soft and starts to sprout after a couple weeks? I find it gets old rather quickly.

3 years ago

We take 25% of the harvest and put the cloves back in the ground late in the fall. The gives us about the same harvest a year later. To increase our harvest we do with a bit less for eating and put more in the ground. That’s the real beauty of gardening.

Eddy Winko
3 years ago

That’s a good harvest, I must try harder 🙂

2 years ago

[…] still have bags and bags of potatoes left, a few pumpkins and the garlic reserves are still going strong. This year, we want to repeat our garlic and potato haul, and we […]

Ralph Brunjes
Ralph Brunjes
2 years ago

It may seem a daft thing to say ,but the garden fork that you are useing is it an edging or a lady’s fork?
The reason that I am asking is it seems that with your height you are bending too much and could do with a longer handle.
Just a thought to save your back.
I have a lady’s fork for certain things but being 6′ 2″ myself I have learnt the hard way.

Ralph Brunjes
Ralph Brunjes
Reply to  Mars
2 years ago

They are also good if recently like me most of the discs in my back are shot plus my MS , but I now use raised beds because of this.

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