Growing our first hard neck garlic

by Mars
Planting garlic

Garlic is an amazing vegetable to grow because it requires very little space and attention (just a little bit of light weeding) and in early summer you get your own, delicious garlic.

This year we’re growing a hard neck variety for the first time called Eden Rose, and we’re really excited because hard neck varieties produce scapes that are supposed to be delicious when sautéed. The scapes emerge from the garlic bulb and coil, and when harvested, they look like long, curly green beans. Frankly, I can’t wait to try them.

We planted our garlic in early November, and this variety had large, easy to peel, rose-coloured cloves. We had the large pack, so this will produce around 40-45 garlic heads in early summer, which is a terrific return if you like to cook with garlic.

We consume garlic as part of our meals on an almost daily basis because it’s healthy, full of antioxidants and naturally rich in prebiotics, and because it’s so easy to grow, cure and store, we would advise anyone with space to grow garlic to do so.

If you haven’t planted your garlic yet, and you’d like to grow your own, don’t panic because as long as you get it into the ground in the next few weeks, you’ll be just fine and you should still get a good harvest next year.

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