Going bivalent: ASHP + HVO

by Mars

This is the third winter that we’re heating our home with an air source heat pump and the experiment continues. As regular followers of our blog and YouTube channel will know, this winter we’ve been trialling a new biofuel, HVO, alongside our air source heat pump.

We discuss some of the issues running our air source heat pump in conjunction with our boiler as part of a bivalent system, and we share our honest advice with homeowners that are considering making the transition to a heat pump from an oil boiler.

During the video we mentioned Renewable Heating Hub and the forums and we’d like to invite you to participate, take part and join the conversation.

We discussed the carbon emissions between our HVO boiler and our air source heat pump, and the data in this post that we published in January might be of interest to you.

We also promised to a share a link to the app we use to monitor electricity generated CO2 emissions. It’s called When To Plugin In, and you can download it here.

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