From compost heap to compost bin

by Mars

While building our first ever vegetable garden last year, I also made a compost bin area on the other side of the fence that faces away from the house and decking area. The location is perfect, but as it turns out the design was not ideal and needed finishing.

What I had essentially made last year was a compost heap with three walls, which I thought at the time would make it easier to use a fork to turn over. While it was certainly accessible, when you tried to turn and aerate the organic matter, it would slide forward because there was nothing containing it from the front.

So as part of our latest wood order for Kirsten’s dahlia beds that we’ll be building in the weeks ahead, I got a few extra boards to transform the compost heap into a compost bin. And what a difference it’s made. By simply adding the two boards on the front it has increased the volumetric capacity, made it easier to stack and create piles, and it’s actually made turning and spreading the compost out a lot easier. It’s also made it look a lot neater and tidier.

So if you’re deliberating putting a front on your compost bin, heap or processing area, the answer is 100% yes. Do it. It makes a massive difference, and makes the area a lot more functional.

Here’s the before and after.

compost heapcompost bin
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