Fixing a broken slate step on our porch

by Mars
broken slate step

We recently had a friend visit us who stood awkwardly on one of our slate steps leading to our front door. The friend was fine, but the step, well, not so much. The slate must have been very brittle and large chunk came away. This is how we set about fixing a broken slate step on our porch.

Not really sure what to do, I popped down to our local hardware store and spoke to our go-to guy there who recommended an extremely strong adhesive for this job: The Works by Geocel.

What this video to see whether we were able to successfully glue a slate step back together again.

Post update – November 1, 2019

While the repaired step was doing well, we accidentally stood on it, and the repaired area gave way. So while it’s strong, it’s not strong enough to take pressure from a significant weight.

Looks like the best way forward will be to cement it into place with a support underneath it.

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