Every breath you take: Daikin air purifier review

by Mars
Daikin Air Purifier Review

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. This ultimately means that there’s an increase in pollen, dust and allergens, so we’re extremely excited to review the MC55VB Daikin air purifier to make our air healthier and cleaner to breath.

Daikin’s MC55VB air purifier uses a technology called Streamer that uses electrons to trigger chemical reactions with airborne particles to break down pollen and allergens. It’s also extremely effective at removing odours and smells (especially when you’re cooking) and we’ve found that it has generally made our air cleaner.

If you’d like to get more information about this Daikin air purifier please visit Daikin’s website. If you would like to buy it, please simply visit their shop.

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8 months ago

So I have a African grey parrot and these birds give off lots of dust and dander .enough to see in the air , I bought a daikin and turned it on and with in a day I noticed a great improvement no more floating partials when the sun beamed through the window and the air really was cleaner and fresher .
But the best was after 3 days I decided to check the filters and I was blown away with the amount of dust it had removed from the air . I have mine running all day and night on auto mode and I bet it’s great in summer on fan mode . Defo recommend

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