Eve Thermo Smart TRV Review

by Mars
eve thermo smart trv

Six months ago we replaced all 12 of our conventional TRVs on our radiators with Eve Thermo smart TRVs. We found it crazy that we had to run from room to room during the cold winter months turning radiator valves on and off, which was an inefficient and ineffective way of heating our property. This is our Eve Thermo smart TRV review.

Now that these smart TRVs have been in place for six months, we provide a real life review of whether they were worth the upgrade and whether they have had an impact on the efficiency of heating our home.

With the increasing price of various fuels for heating, we have tried to cut our expenses for making our heating as efficient and sustainable as possible.

This started with us replacing our oil boiler with an air source heat pump for our central heating, and we’ve installed digital thermostats throughout the house to only call for heat when there is a requirement to do so, so we will be watching our heating efficiency and performance and provide regular updates.

We hope you enjoy our Eve Thermo smart TRV review.

Tech specs at a glance:

Valve compatibility: M 30 x1.5

Supplied adapters: Danfoss RA, RAV, RAVL

Power source: 2x AA Replaceable Batteries

Dimensions: 54 x 67 x 85 mm


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