Eve Energy Smart Plug Review

by Mars

Our transition towards a smart home continues as we deploy our latest gadget: the Eve Energy Smart Plug.

We’re particularly excited about the addition of the Eve Energy smart plugs to our home, because we can now fully automate all our lamps and we have a device that allows us to monitor electricity consumption. This is a feature we find really important.

We have reviewed a few smart plugs this year, and the Eve Energy is by far and away the best smart plug we’ve used. Watch our video review for the full rundown.

Please be advised that you need to be running iOS 13.1 or higher in order to be able to use this plug. This means that some older iPhones and iPads will not be compatible. Thank you to Nigel Acton for bringing this to our attention.

You can view the compatibility list here.

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2 years ago

[…] order to make things even more sustainable and efficient, we have connected all our lamps to Eve Energy smart plugs. We have programmed these smart plugs to automatically turn our lamps on at sunset […]

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