Enforcing social distancing

by Mars

Our postmen (there are three of them) have an annoying habit of attempting to open our front door to leave our post in the hallway despite us having a post box right outside the front door. This has left us with no choice but to put social distancing measures into place.

With the rapid rate that Covid-19 is spreading, our biggest exposure to the virus is deliveries and post, so we’ve taken the necessary measures of putting in a new post box, far away from the house to discourage people from the front door.

social distancing
Old post box

We purchased a new deep post box, along with a Post & Parcels sign and mounted it this morning. It looks good, and it’s far away from the front door.

No more unnecessary door handle touching and doorbell ringing, and we won’t have to freak out as much. I think we all need to implement social distancing measures to slow down the rate of Covid-19 transmission.

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