Draper pressure washer review: outdoor spring cleaning

by Mars
Draper 165 bar Pressure Washer Review

After a cold, wet and damp Welsh winter, a lot of our brick and stone walkways (and wood decks) are a bit slimy and slippery. We’ve found that the easiest and most environmentally-friendly way of cleaning these surfaces is with the help of a pressure washer. To get the job done, we put our new 165 bar Draper pressure washer to the test.

The Draper pressure washer that we used is compact, manoeuvrable and easy to carry around. We used it to wash down our walkways, decking and garden furniture, but it’ll also be very handy to wash down cars or caravans. One of our favourite features was the 6-metre long pressure hose that is stored on an integrated reel that has a winding handle, which means you don’t have lengths of hose to contend with when the pressure washer is not in use.

The reason we like using a pressure washer for jobs like this is because it’s a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way to clean and hose down areas using just the force of the water and we don’t have to use any chemicals or detergents. This makes it much easier on the environment and the wildlife.

For more information on this Draper pressure washer and where to buy it, please visit Draper’s official web page.

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